Body Shaming, Consequences & How to Deal with it

Body shaming means judging someone’s body’s appearance, shape, size, structure & criticizing it. Nowadays, every person is involved in body shaming each other which is very bad. Body shaming starts consequences with our family members, relatives, cousins, society & now the whole world is involved in body shaming each other. Social Medias are playing a role to encourage body shaming by different memes, funny jokes related to criticizing actors’ & actresses’ body image. Body shaming did in someone’s color, height, weight, posture, gesture, etc. The person who faces body-shaming suffers from mental torture. S/he finds them very ugly & their self-confidence also starts to get weak.


In our society body shaming consequences happens a lot. The person who does body shaming will take pleasure for some time by making fun of others but the person who faces it will suffer. There are very harmful consequences of body shaming. Some of them are:

  • The person, who feels it, may convince him/herself that she/he is ugly.
  • They may go into depression by making negative thought towards own.
  • In the long run of body shaming, they will lose their confidence & may do suicidal attempts.
  • They let themselves to live away from people to avoid body shaming.

How to deal with body shaming

Body shaming has become the trend of every society nowadays. Physically disabled people face body shaming in their everyday lives. In many places, job opportunities are provided to those people whose physical appearance is good. Similarly, some years ago there was the mentality that heroes & heroines should always be perfect in their outlook. If someone had the talent for acting but his /her outlook is not good then they were treated as incapable to be a hero or heroine. Girls whose skin was not fair were difficult to get married to. This type of body shaming was done but now a days its being less to judge someone by their appearance. Some of the ways to deal with body Shaming are:

  • We have to make our mentality that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, height.
  • All creations of God are beautiful & no one has to be judge on the basis of their appearance.
  • Self-love is very much important to live our life happily & with satisfaction.
  • To overcome negative thoughts related to body shaming we can try physical exercises like dance, meditation, yoga, etc
  • Don’t let other people define you, be your own owner of your life
  • Nobody can help you better than you help yourself.
  • We can think good for ourselves in every situation
  • Public awareness should be encouraged to stop body-shaming trends from our society.
  • If someone does body shaming suggest to them it’s not good to do it.
  • We can teach ourselves, our brothers, sisters how to deal with it.

Hence, Body-Shaming is not good & we have to spread positive knowledge to people to work control it. This can deal with depression, restrictive diets, Social unhealthy relationships.No one is perfect in all terms, we have to self-acceptance our appearance, self-love is very important in life. we all are beautiful in just the way we are.

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